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Temuka Pottery has been a long-standing supplier to the hospitality industry in NZ. Throughout the country, we are represented by Southern Hospitality.


Our pottery’s current look, weight and feel reflects a unique handcrafted design, inspired by the organic spirit of the artisan, produced in contemporary textures and colours.


While the style of Temuka Pottery represents today’s desire for basic organic structure, each piece is fully commercial, vitrified to over 1200°C, making the product dense, chip-resistant, heat retentive, and resistant to dishwasher chemicals. Temuka Pottery glazes are fired to ensure they become part of the body and will not craze in normal conditions.


Each shape has been designed and made by hand, the original piece is then moulded for production. This process allows each piece to keep the uniqueness of handmade crockery. Temuka Pottery’s artisans apply the glazes by hand creating the layered and textured effects. 


Your local Southern Hospitality representative can provide a full catalogue and pricing on all products available.