Our Glazes – Temuka Pottery
Temuka Pottery Glazes
The glazes on Temuka pieces are fired to 1200 Deg.C. These are applied to bisque porcelain (also fired to 1200 Deg.C.). This ensures that the glazes are as hard and as durable as it is possible to make them as they become part of the porcelain. Because of this and the absence of water absorption the glazes will not craze in normal conditions. Lead is not used in the glazes, which means they are always food safe.  

Artisan Glaze Works
The artisans in our Palmerston North factory apply the glazes by hand-creating the layered and textured effects. This craftsman's touch brings that hand-made quality to Temuka Pottery's current collection.

Glaze Selections
We offer multiple glazes for each product range. These are all available through our online store. There may be a degree of variation from the photographed image as each piece is hand finished. 

Custom Glazes
Email for enquiries info@temukapottery.co.nz