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Classic Coupe Plate - Black Foam (select for sizing options) - available in packs of 2.

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Classic Coupe Lunch Plate 25cm Black Foam Classic Coupe Dinner Plate 27cm Black Foam Classic Coupe Plate 29cm Black Foam
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Classic Coupe Black Foam

Lunch Plate 25cm Width  0.247cm x Height 0.247cm x Depth 0.027cm
Dinner Plate 27cm - Width  0.274cm x Height 0.274cm x Depth 0.027cm
Large Plate 29cm - Width  29.5cm x Height 2.6cm x Depth 29.5cm

Black Foam is a powerfully textured glaze with strong contrasts between the black base and foamy-white topcoat.

Each shape has been crafted by hand with the original piece molded for production. Each piece retains the uniqueness of handmade pottery. This product is vitrified by being fired to 1200ºC with the usual benefits of edge strength and toughness.

Our artisans apply the glazes by hand creating the layered and textured effects. Glaze dribbles and tool marks reinforce the handmade character.

The textured glaze has strong contrasts between the black base and foamy-white topcoat. Runs and overlaps in the hand-dipped glaze deliver a range of intensities across each piece. 

The range is fully commercial - vitrified with edge strength chip resistance, heat retention, and resistance to dishwasher chemicals so is well suited for the foodservice industry (cafes, restaurants, bars, and more). 

Available in packs of 2.