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21cm Plate (4 Pack) 25cm Plate (4 Pack) 27cm Plate (4 Pack)
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Potter's Mark Plate - Hazel

21cm plate: Nominal dimensions 210mm x 210mm x 25mm can vary +/- 10mm.

25cm plate: Nominal dimensions 245mm x 245mm x 30mm can vary +/- 10mm.

27cm plate: Nominal dimensions 270mm x 270mm x 60mm can vary +/- 10mm.


This contemporary dinnerware collection echoes the way the potter's hand moves over the clay to form the work. Styled with spiralling finger marks on the clay's surface these works are faithfully reproduced keeping that handcrafted feel. The runs and pools of the glaze as they fall over the shapes give wild variations in texture and form

Rich and warm with amber tones. This contemporary stoneware glaze recalls heritage Temuka Pottery but is brought right up to date.