Wave Noodle Bowl 15cm Tussock (4 pack)

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Wave Noodle Bowl 15cm Tussock

Nominal measurements 150mm x 150mm x 89mm
Size described is nominal and can vary +/- 10mm

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of our Wave collection, where the rhythmic movements of rivers and beaches come to life. This iconic design features gentle undulating patterns in the clay, reminiscent of the ebb and flow of water. These elegant ridges create a captivating rim border, framing the main focal point within each piece. During firing, the glazes respond to the contours, gracefully pooling and pulling from the edges, creating the appearance of a beautiful rim around each plate or bowl.. The undulating patterns evoke a sense of calm and movement, inviting you to appreciate the wonders of nature in your dining experience.

With a matte finish our tussock glaze captures the essence of the rugged beauty of Canterbury and Otago’s wild grasslands. As the glaze is expertly applied, it develops intricate mottled effects creating a tapestry of shades and highlight across the surface. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike as the glaze weaves it’s magic creating unique patterns and variations.